Enhancing Rollouts one release at a time

Our mission at Rollouter is to empower Rollout teams to efficiently manage their projects through our cloud-based software. We strive to provide a seamless, user-friendly experience for our clients, allowing them to streamline their processes and minimize loss of data or dependencies.

Release v2024.1.1

For this release we have been working on the Automatic Client Assignment feature. Based on the configuration rollout managers are now able to setup for each inventory, clients are automatically assigned to specified technicians as soon as they reach that workflow status. This distribution between technicians can either be setup for all clients, or per client group.

Other Improvements

  • Added activity history for collaborator profiles
  • Roadmap: Last workflow status does not need to be scheduled anymore and the sidebar width can now be adjusted
  • Resolved an issue where the link of an inventory search result leads to an "undefined" route
  • Guides, changelog and server status page are up and running