Enhancing Rollouts one release at a time

Our mission at Rollouter is to empower Rollout teams to efficiently manage their projects through our cloud-based software. We strive to provide a seamless, user-friendly experience for our clients, allowing them to streamline their processes and minimize loss of data or dependencies.

Release v2024.8.0

In the last two sprints, many improvements to the client overview page were made!

  • The clients can now be filtered by default and custom field values. The filter can be shared as a link to other users so they get the same results when opening it.
  • Additionally, clients can now be opened to the side which enables you to edit the client's status, fields, or leave comments. Like this, you do not have to open the Client Detail View for every small change you are about to make.
  • Rollout managers can now flag clients to highlight and keep track of them. By providing a flag reason, other users will see that information at first sight when dealing with the client and are able to proceed as required.

Other Improvements

  • A client's checklists can now also be modified by roles that are higher than the responsible roles. The Client Dashboard will remain showing only the checklists a user is truly responsible for.
  • We removed the user deletion functionality and provided a feature to disable them instead, which suspends their access. Through this, data integrity is maintained regarding client history entries, comments, and so on.

Release v2024.7.0

In the last two sprints, we have been working on the User Notification feature! Users are now being notified in real time about the following events:

  • The user was assigned or unassigned to/from a client
  • The client user is changed of a client which the user is assigned to
  • A comment was added to a client which the user is assigned to (all Rollout managers receive the notification as well)
  • A task was assigned to the user or created for a client which the user is assigned to

The notifications are also being sent as an email.

Other Improvements

  • Checklist steps can now be linked with Custom Fields, rendering them right next to the step where they can be edited
  • Imports can now be approved by the only Rollout manager of a project without an Admin being involved
  • Removed the option to deselect "Keep History" when moving clients to another inventory
  • Fixed a wrong count on the Reporting Dashboard when filtering by inventory
  • Fixed a bug where the client group table and the Client Assignment overview page showed a maximum of 10 items
  • Tables and selects that are listing Rollout projects are now showing newest Rollouts first
  • The dropdown of the multi-selection component on the Client Detail View now stays opened after selecting an option
  • Improved validation feedback

Release v2024.6.0

In this release we have implemented a client task overview page which is accessible from the Rollout view.

Other Improvements

  • Inventories can now be exported as Excel or CSV
  • A new checklist step type "Delivery" was introduced, which is linked to signing the Delivery Sheet (requires a Professional plan)
  • Rollout managers can now move a client with incomplete checklists forwards by confirming to skip them
  • Fixed a bug inside of the Roadmap and Client Assignment when deleting client groups
  • Fixed the text of client history entries for linking clients

Release v2024.5.0

Rollouter's first Reporting Dashboard is now released and accessible for Rollout managers. It provides real-time data with key KPIs of your Rollout, enabling you to track the speed of client and checklist progress as well as tasks.

Other Improvements

  • The Rollout activity page was moved into the Reporting section
  • Delivery Sheets can now be reset by Rollout managers
  • The options are now required for the custom field type "selection"

Release v2024.4.0

In this release we have introduced a global Rollout activity page, displaying the changes made to all clients of the current Rollout.

Other Improvements

  • The comments of a client are now shown on the Client Dashboard
  • The global search can now be opened with the shortcut CTRL + SPACE and it preselects the currently selected Rollout in the filters
  • Fixed the layout of the Inventory Dashboard on 4K resolution screens
  • Fixed a bug where the task identifier was undefined when opening tasks from inside of the Client Dashboard

Release v2024.3.0

The global search can now find clients by custom field values!

Other Improvements

  • The app was translated into German
  • Fixed a bug where deleting the last item on the last table page results in an empty view
  • Deleting a client will now also delete all of its appointments
  • Required form fields can now be identified by a red * symbol next to the label

Release v2024.2.0

We have improved our email templates! Users will now receive state of the art HTML emails with images and buttons to click on.

Other Improvements

  • Users can now reset their password themselves via email
  • Fixed a bug where Rollout images were deleted after renaming the Rollout
  • Fixed a bug where custom fields on the Client Detail View would show "Unsaved changes" even if there are none

Release v2024.1.1

For this release we have been working on the Automatic Client Assignment feature. Based on the configuration rollout managers are now able to setup for each inventory, clients are automatically assigned to specified technicians as soon as they reach that workflow status. This distribution between technicians can either be setup for all clients, or per client group.

Other Improvements

  • Added activity history for collaborator profiles
  • Roadmap: Last workflow status does not need to be scheduled anymore and the sidebar width can now be adjusted
  • Resolved an issue where the link of an inventory search result leads to an "undefined" route
  • Guides, changelog and server status page are up and running